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Apr 04, 2022
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Many B2B marketers — especially those who sell to businesses and target specific job titles — struggle to generate SEO traffic that actually reaches their target audience. It often feels like these types of purchases (high-priced items purchased by large corporations) are not something that key stakeholders are likely to seek out. The idea is that they buy based on product experience, recommendations or brand familiarity – not based on a transactional search result. This buy email list is further complicated by a few additional factors that can be roadblocks to generating the right kind of search traffic for your B2B business: Limited relevant buy email list earch volume. Often, if you're selling a very specific product that solves a very specific problem, you won't have a huge number of people looking for that item and you might struggle to increase traffic. If I'm selling HR software and targeting medium to large sized companies, variants of "HR software" and "HR software" can send very strong leads at an early stage, but "diminishing » the specific features of my product and the specific challenges my prospects are facing around my product can start to offer very low search volume and diminishing returns. High competition. Along with having a somewhat limited universe of possible searches to target, there's also the challenge that SEO is a more mature industry, and many of my competitors will now at least 'check the box' and update the title tags, trying to rank buy email list for some of the more obvious terms that searchers will use to describe their product (which, again, can also be the most successful in terms of combined relevance and available search volume). Evolution of search results. Once upon a time, you could create a sales page about your quality, load low-quality off-site links to that page, and rank highly in search results. However


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