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Aug 02, 2022
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Incredibly, just yesterday, I was in a community and was shocked by the whole community sale. The group owner never showed his face once, and the group did not make any transactions, so he used the ninth trick released by the community, which caused the members of the group to buy frantically. What is even more hateful is that it is not that you are chasing and making them pay, but The members in the group are crazy to help you make a deal! Next, I will reveal to you the 9 social marketing methods and skills that millions of bosses are unwilling to teach you. Master these 9 great tricks for community sales, and you can easily sell your customers anytime, anywhere! Step How to quickly clear your inventory; The second trick: how to attract customers into the store in batches; Step 3: How to pre-sell your products in advance; Step 4: How to quickly activate your old customers; Step 5: How to turn red envelopes into consumer b2b data orders; The sixth trick: how to quickly fission customers without sending leaflets; The 7th trick: how to make customers not run away when they come; The 8th trick: How to design a recharge plan to allow customers to continue to shop at the store; Step 9: How to sell your customers in bulk through community offerings. But here's the bad news for you: This community sale method and skills of 9 community transactions, although the power is infinite, but they are independent, like a plate of loose sand, it is difficult for you to exert their power, you need to create a set of smooth community sale process, connect them in series , from the shallower to the deeper, let the customer be on the scene, participate in it, and finally let your customer pay the bill involuntarily! Before sharing, let’s talk about the most critical factors that affect the success or failure of an event: 1. Customer pain points and needs Many people always tell customers how good their products are, how powerful their functions are, what experts recommend, and what patents they have obtained. Are these the codes that customers want? Customers always care about themselves, how do you solve their
How to do a community sale? 9 social marketing methods and content media

Village live Fun & entertainment

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