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mim Parvin
Jun 20, 2022
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We are in the era where data is almost a treasure for companies and one of the greatest advantages of mailing is that it offers a lot of data in real time. Through them we obtain metrics that reflect the operation of a campaign in b2c email list relation to the objectives, we can measure their success or failure and their detailed analysis b2c email list will help us to optimize them. Mailing applications like mailify provide us with many metrics, in this text we will mention some of the most important ones and we will explain how to interpret them. Main metrics to measure your mailing campaigns 1. Open rate it is the b2c email list first metric that, in general, we analyze, here we will obtain the data on the number of users who opened the email sent. On average, a good opening rate is around 20% and to have this b2c email list rate it is b2c email list necessary to take into account 3 fundamental aspects: [tweet « a good open rate is around 20% «] an attractive subject : it is the determining factor that leads the recipient to open the mail the personalization of the message : if the message arrives with the name of the subscriber and with a content based on their preferences, you will have more possibilities of opening. A content strategy : do not focus only on sending your recipients content related to sales, plan a strategy where you can b2c email list provide content of value and interest to the public. A good option to generate ideas b2c email list and enrich the content is to rely on tools such as google trends . And to calculate it: (number of unique emails opened / number of emails sent)*100 2. Click-through rate with this metric we identify the interest and interaction of people with the content of our mailing campaigns . As it does? This rate measures user clicks on the links you include in the content. If your campaigns do not contain any links, you should focus on analyzing only the opening rate.
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mim Parvin

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